Okay, So its been officially 4 months and 15 days and counting of NO BUYING CLOTHES for a year challenge with between me and my husband.(only 7 more months and 10 days left!)

It seems it's been easier for my husband as he has kept so many more clothes so he has a lot to work with. I did a huge purge before our challenge and made a minimalist capsule wardrobe the best I could with the clothes I already currently owned. I feel that knowing that they are "old clothes" and also having extreme hot and beautiful summer weather has got me feeling a bit limited in terms of what clothes I currently have to work with mixed with an innate want to go to a fast fashion store and pick up the latest trendy look that captures the sunny vacation vibes that I'm feeling. But the reality is since we're only working with one income we have no choice but to cut clothes buying out of our budget.

That being said I have amazing friends that send me supportive words and reminders of how happy we will be once a year rolls around and we've stayed true to not spending money on clothes.

It's just been 31 years in the making that I've been conditioned to buy new trendy fast fashion pieces for each season change. It falls under the same category of grabbing my favourite holiday starbucks beverage to get me in the seasons spirit! I absolutely love each season the world has to offer! I love holidays and everything in between! I'm that girl! I am used to literally BUYING into each season.

So summer, also the season of my birthday, I'm just used to "treating myself" extra with wild prints, summer jumpsuits, sandals, sunglasses, bags, hats, and all things bright summer-y colours.

This summer I'm working with one pair of jean shorts with rust splatters from cleaning the backyard, a pair of army green linen shorts that are comfortable but I feel a bit frumpy in, and a pair of Nike running shorts. I have one chambray jumpsuit from Old Navy that I bought three years ago because I felt "like an artist in Brooklyn" Ha! And I never got any wears out of it until now and I've gotten so many compliments on it! I can dress it up or down and I love how versatile it is.

It's a constant reminder that when I am back onto buying clothes (still keeping my budget in mind and not spending beyond my means) I will be absolutely searching for items of clothing that are easy to maintain, stain proof somewhat around my baby boy, versatile in being able to dress up with nice shoes or dress down in sandals or sneakers, and I will be looking for plain textile and no trendy prints and a classic shape that can be worn in all seasons and decades.

My solution for wanting to buy more clothes so early into my one year challenge:

-organize a clothing swap

-Clean out my closet and re organize the clothes that I do have and be grateful for that.

-search summer looks and recreate a similar vibe with the clothes and accessories that I already own

-think outside of the box

-vicariously live through my friends and their new purchases! ha!

I may be getting a bit extreme in terms of no buying clothes. My husband and I discussed that if someone gave us a gift certificate for a clothing store or gave us money that we could treat ourselves to a new article of clothing. But I've since accrued some money from side hustles like catering gigs, birthday money, selling some of our old appliances and I've decided to continuously place that money in the bank. For example as mentioned before I have bought a value pack of panties from Costco since my pregnancy underwear didn't fit my post pregnancy body (I think this challenge has been extra difficult because of me being in a size thats hopefully temporary and me wanting to go out and buy a bunch of clothes that fit my current body at 15 months post partum) On my birthday I got my boobs resized and bought a brand new strapless bra. Wow! What a good bra does to my self image! I feel tighter and put together! A good exercise to be mindful in. Dressing well does make you feel much better about your body image. I'm still figuring out ways to work with the clothes I own and make them work for me until this challenge is over. But after I bought the bra I felt super guilty for spending that money on myself and on clothes. Like a failed the challenge somewhat. But as my friend reminded me underwear is a necessity. For the record I chose a black, seamless strapless bra, with straps for another option and it will be my only bra for now. Apart from my old bras.

This challenge has got me translating my experience into other parts of my life and learning to withhold spending so carelessly and having control over my approach to spending money in general. I am proud of myself so far and I have been able to save money through the process! Thats a great motivator!