UPDATE: no buying clothes for a year!



Wow so this is still currently happening and let me tell you its gotten easier in many ways, however, the challenges I face on a weekly basis do occure.

I find that my body is in such a weird shape and weight with being almost 14 months post birth and let me tell ya, some body parts are tighter, looser, fatter, chubbier, stronger, leaner and saggy AF-er.

All my current cothes that I own are perhaps not the most flattering or current fitting pieces. That is the reality of my decision not to buy new clothes for a year and work with what I currently own. Which is a constant reminder in the future to choose clothing that I can invest in for form, quality and durability.

 I get super jealous when I hear some of my mom friends saying that an immediate way that made them feel better about their post birth weight was to go shopping and buy clothes that fit them NOW. That makes total sense. But with me on the tightest budget ever and with me not contributing financially for a year, I really cannot use buying new clothes as an option to help elevate my attempt at a positive body image journey.

I must say that my husband and I started this challenge in April and it has been almost three whole months of not buying new clothes for ourselves. It’s been hard AF when it comes to wanting the trendy looks, being bored, and missing the joys of instant gratification when shopping. 

That being said, I am also in love with how few choices I have in my closet and coming to the realization that I don't stray away much from my favourite outfit combinations that I happen to consistently feel good in. I love wearing in a black top. I enjoy a versatile and comfy bottom- it’s June so I mean jean shorts. I live in them. I get super hot ever since I was pregnant and I am still always super hot! Temperature wise people! Lol

I used to have all sorts of ill fitting cheap and trendy tops and bottoms that didn’t go with anything. They were either on sale or an impulse buy.

Since my wardrobe cleanse, I notice that I do my laundry more often, however, all my clothes generally match and it’s faster to get ready.  I, now, have around 30 items of clothes total.

Since our decision to not buy any clothes for a year, I was in need of new undies. Nothing sexy, but functioning-so I bought a 10 pack of high wasted full bummed panties from Costco.

If I were to choose to buy new items of clothing to replace the ill fitting once in my current wardrobe, I would choose my underwear hands down! I feel so ugly and sloppy in my underwear at the moment.It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been wearing my BIKINI TOP as a padded bra!

I need two new bras that help lift my post breastfeeding breasts to revive my inner sexy woman. Because right now I feel like a slob wearing old sports bras. Lumps all over. I need some wonderbra from Victorias Secret to help harness all the loose ends of my boobs and side boobs to a place that feels more familiar to me. Perky and round boobs. Ugh! I miss my old boobs! So, being the flexible person that I am (hahaha not so much these days.) my husband and I decided that underwear is a MUST, is a NEED, and is the base of your wardrobe.

In my case, I will feel better about myself with better fitting underwear. My clothes will hang better on my body and I’ll feel sexier. As much as the perfectionist in me feel like I already failed when I bought my jumbo pack of panties from Costco, and to now realize that I need to replace my bras and panties,,,it’s hard to do. BUT it’s more important that I feel better about my body than it is to stay rigid with our fun challenge we started to initially save money.

I have to celebrate the small wins. And that is that in three months I’ve only bought discount panties and in the near future I will be buying two new bras and a few lacy numbers to elevate my sexy self. Or lack there of at the moment. I have still chosen to buy what I NEED. That is the goal and we are kicking ass!