Wow, I can’t even believe that I’m writing about this topic because I feel like an imposter. I grew up with a single mother that struggled to make ends meet, ate processed foods, learned at a young age what it was like to be a consumer without thinking of the environmental impact.


I remember my childhood, and young adulthood living as though the planet and I were invincible. Is it because I’m home with my son and I have extra quiet space to think about anything and everything? Is it because I’m so jaded with how I left the cooking world? Is it because I’m a grown ass woman and this is par for the course when you age to think about cause and effect? I think it’s because I’ve entered into the minimalist, saving money and wanting more experience rather than things lifestyle. Am I there yet? Am I a true minimalist, money savvy and zero waste? Absolutely not…yet.


The process of becoming a mother also has transformed the way I think, act, and see EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. I want to make small changes in my life that will create positive change socially, environmentally and within myself.


Staying home I am able to observe and reflect on how my husband and I live our lives with our 13-month-old son. Since he’s been born we have been taking out loads and loads or trash, recyclables and compost. It’s insane how much waste my tiny family of three (plus a cat) go through each week let alone a DAY!

Diapers, wipes, more diapers, a shit ton more wipes, plastic packaging, plastic coverings, food waste, processed food containers with in containers, birthday decorations, paper plates, plastic cutlery, plastic cups, all things dollar store disposable, plastic toys, plastic cold cups, coffee cups-TONS of coffee cups, coffee lids, empty wine bottles, empty beer bottles, la Croix cans-so many la Croix cans, take out Styrofoam-ALL.THE.TAKE.OUT.CONTAINERS, pastry bags, one use make up remover towelettes, shampoo and conditioner bottles, soap boxes, PLASTIC shower puffs, ugh. The list goes on.


Who am I? Ever since I became pregnant I felt so much heavy responsibility to be better. When I gave birth to my son I felt discouraged, exaughsted and low energy. I took all the short cuts I could just to get by. Meals were mainly from McDonalds, Wholefoods, and anywhere in between. Having a chef background and being a Holistic Nutrition Student I felt even more critical and disappointed in myself that I wasn’t prepping glory bowls and avocado toast on the regular.


Fast-forward a year and now I’m getting the hang of staying home, raising my son, and doing all things domesticated. I’m actually in a good place in my life that I feel content with where things are at the moment. I’m finding creative new ways to find self worth with my new job as stay at home Mommy.


My old self needed a screaming, insecure, male chef breathing down her back to instil a sense of either worthiness or worthlessness. I placed ALL my worth in my performance as a young cook. I sacrificed my happiness and health to please others. I was stressed and unhappy near the end of my cooking career until I said life has to be better than this. I must be happier than this.  So, I quit cooking and made the decision to be a student again and go to Holistic Nutrition School where I would feel like an imposter in my pregnant body. Learning how processed food and dairy is the devil while I ate my wonder bread cow butter sandwich while being in my first trimester of pregnancy. I am, however, can’t wait to continue my studies as I started school to learn to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist for a reason. I wanted to provide a healthy life for me and my family with the basis of Let Food Be The Medicine. I want to regain a sense of ownership of my health and live in a preventative way. I want to be a better version of myself so that my family can reap the benefits.


So how does all this have to do with my interest in Zero Waste living? Well I think when you evolve so does your curiosity. Everything is within reason with how I see things. I’m not a rigid person. I’m flexible person who cares. So with that I want to make strides in living with more intention in every aspect of my life.


I noticed in the one year I stayed home with my baby how much garbage and waste I leave at the front door for my husband to take out. I want to know if we can reduce that one step at a time. I want to step out of my comfort zone and buy bulk in my toiletries and groceries. Stay tuned. My domesticated life is about to get interesting. In a less waste, use your own bags and containers to buy food kind of way!